New Proton MPV @2009

Hi ..bertemu kembali dalam paparan seterusnya.1stly, nak thanks buat Izzo sbb remind me to update blog tercinta ni..takut bernanah katanya..nahhh..ambik… aku update jek apa yg terlintas ..janji berilmu dan berjariah..uikss apa aku melalut ni… pe pun baca je la

The New Proton MPV will be releasing in 2009. I got from another forum that the upcoming brand new proton MPV has design like Toyota Wish+Mitsubishi Grandis and may be will be equipped with supercharged Campro CPS engine. Also heard that this new product from Proton has a large size of passanger room and luggagge room.



Its called super seven may be because the Mpv is a seven seater. I think the turbo charged one is one of the cheapest options for proton to fit to the MPV. Becouse if Proton wanna use the bigger engine, there will be more R&D cost that proton have to use.

What about the price?

The price range is about RM 70k – RM 80k. I think this price range is affordable due to large size of MPV.

My opinion: The design not very attrative and outstanding like Proton-Neo or GTI. Proton should be create more design to be one of customer choice in market as now a lot of choice’s that we can get from market.

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  1. nick said

    nice car

  2. balakartik said

    proton is nice car

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